Yoga Pose Peacock for Digestion


Folks, doing Yoga is a perfect way to incorporate balance exercises into your training routine.

Needless to say, balance exercises are often overlooked by athletes, but are one of the most effective ways to correct muscle imbalance or body mechanic problems. Moreover, balancing postures develop lightness, strength and agility, all the while helping to develop body control, muscle tone, coordination, and concentration. Furthermore, they strengthen the upper body and increase the breathing capacity. Balancing exercises consists of the basically the Peacock, Crow and Side Crow Poses.

For the sake of space, I will touch on the technique of how to perform each one, but of course if you need to reference Google images or yours truly on YouTube for a visual demonstration, do feel free.

How To Do The Peacock Pose (Mayurasana):

Kneel on a blanket.

Join the two arms together and rest them on the floor palms facing the toes.

Bring your tummy down against your conjoined elbows.

Support your body on your elbows.

Now raise the legs as high as you can.

Folks, This is the best detoxifying pose and the Liver, pancreas, stomach and kidneys are all toned.

Furthermore, the peacock pose

-Greatly strengthens the arms.
-Alleviates Hepatitis
-Enhances concentration and determination.

The pose does have a few variations and they are

1. Variation 2, Rest the forehead on the floor

2. Variation 3, Perform it on your fists.

It is advised that after each variation, depending on your schedule or practice, that you relax in the corpse pose for at least a minute.

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