Why is fitness important


Overall Health – If you are physically fit your overall health will be better. You will be able to lead a longer and happier life and avoid many diseases. The risk of getting Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. is reduced dramatically for those who decide to make personal fitness a goal. Even walking 30 minutes a day is enough to make a huge difference and it is a great start to your fitness journey.

Personally, I am a tall guy and I suffer from frequent back pain due to my height. I have discovered that working out is a much better remedy for back pain than ibuprofen or other pain relievers. Working out also helps lessen the effects of my allergies, and just makes me feel better overall. I look forward to my workout at the end of the day and always feel better afterwards, even though it can be tough to be motivated to go several times a week! The key is consistency and making the constant choice to better yourself.

My wife and I workout together frequently and we hold each other accountable. We push each other when we need to be pushed, and we lift each other up when the other if falling away. Having a fitness partner is highly recommended, especially when you are just beginning as you are just getting into the habit!

Self Confidence – Being physically fit is a great way to feel confident each and every day. Physical activity is a major contributor to weight loss and this leads to an improved self image. Confidence in your body breeds confidence in your ideas and opinions as well and makes you stronger as an individual.

Confidence is the catalyst for success of all varieties. With confidence, you can assert your feelings in your marriage and be able to communicate with your spouse even more effectively. With confidence you can nail that interview and land that promotion at work. With confidence you can handle any conflict or disagreement that comes your way. With confidence the opportunities for increased happiness and contentment are endless.

Better Sex – Sex is much better when you are physically fit. You are able to last longer in bed and please your spouse. You are also more likely to want to have sex with your spouse and be more willing to try new things. Sex is the ultimate form of intimacy and physical well being only increases the joy and closeness you can experience. For more information on the subject check out this article on Web MD entitled Better Shape For Better Sex.

Stress Reduction – Nothing clears my head more than a good run, especially after a long day at work. I can just feel all the stress of the day melt away as clearly as I can feel the sweat running down my face. Working out is proven to reduce stress and to increase happiness. Check out this article from the Mayo Health Clinic on stress as related to physical fitness Stress Management.

Stress also plays a major role in interactions with your spouse. The more stressed you are the more likely it is that you will take out that stress on them. This can start with a simple venting session but can turn into a yelling match that you never intended. Managing stress is important so you can have difficult conversations with your spouse without things boiling over from other areas of your life.

Discipline – Practicing physical fitness takes solid discipline. It takes a constant effort to say “no” to sweets and “Yes” to the gym. Once this discipline is learned it will then carry over to other aspects of your life. Gaining discipline in this area will lead to an increase in intentionality for your marriage, friendships, family relations, etc. Discipline in these areas is key to happiness and in living a meaningful life.

Discipline is not easy though. It takes work even to get to the point of recognizing that you need discipline in your life! Stick with it, and you will be guaranteed to reap the benefits.

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