What is the best home exercise routine for beginners

exercise at home

The most common reasons given as to why people don’t exercise is that they can’t afford to go to the gym, or that they don’t have the time to go to the gym. The reality is that they do have the time, they’re just choosing not to use it exercising, and that you don’t have to go to a gym in order to exercise.

The simplest way for people to exercise without going to a gym, is to either run or walk outside. There’s no excuse as to why people don’t take the time to either run or walk every other day. If you’re running you really only need to run about 20-30 minutes (5K) to get the health benefits associated with running. If you need to walk because you can’t run, try walking for at least an hour. The best part, you only have to run or walk 3 times a week. If you’re going to use the weather as an excuse to keep you indoors, run or walk the stairs in your house or apartment building instead.

There are also simple ways to work out at home without any equipment. These at home exercises can be incorporated throughout your day at work or at home to keep you in shape.

    • Yoga – If you’ve never taken a yoga class before, take one. Once you learn how to do yoga you can do it anywhere. Yoga is a great at home exercise that improves your posture, flexibility, as well as strengthens and tones your body. Even if you’re just doing a sun-salutation for 20 minutes, you’re working out your all the muscles in your body.
    • Wall Sits – Wall sits are an easy at home exercise you can do to strengthen your legs, and get a perk up your behind. To do a wall sit correctly you simply pretend that you’re sitting in a chair against the wall. Try and keep your knees at a 90 degree angles if you can, and keep your arms against the wall as well to prevent any cheating.
    • Abductors/Adductors – These muscles include your inner and outer thighs, and are responsible for moving your legs away and into your body. A simple abductor/adductor exercise that you can do at home is to lift your leg out to the side as high as you can, and then bring it back down. Try doing this exercise so your bringing your leg back up to the side just before it touches the ground. If you need help balancing try holding a wall or a doorway. Try not to rely on the wall or door frame too much because balancing engages your abdominal muscles and give you added benefits from the exercise.
    • Tip toes/calf rises – Are an easy at home exercise you can do when you’re just walking around the house. Just start walking on you tip toes, or rising continuously on your tip toes. This exercise will help tone your calves, giving you nice shapely legs.
    • Airplane/Windmill – This will tone up your arms if you take the time to do this at home exercise long enough. The airplane is when you simply extend your arms out on either side and keep them there. You can also add the windmill motion which is when you add a circular motion (big and small) to your extended arms. When you’re doing the airplane/windmill, be conscious not to lock your elbow joint, or over rotate your arms during larger windmill circulations.
    • Push-ups – One of the best ways to work out your chest, arms and back all at once is by doing push-ups. So drop down and give yourself twenty push-ups periodically throughout the day.
  • Crunches – You don’t have to go to a gym to do crunches, you can do them on the edge of a bed, or on a carpet it’s up to you.

Unfortunately excuses as to why we don’t exercise seems to be a way of life for many individuals. Exercise is an important aspect of our lives that improves our health and quality of life. So the next time you attempt to make an excuse as to why you can’t exercise. Try incorporating these at home exercises into your daily routine to at least give your body the opportunity to burn calories and build muscle.

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