What is the Best Diet for Healthy Living

healthy diet

We as humans have always been in pursuit of what we believe to be infinite knowledge and one of the categories that falls into this overwhelming arena has been an even stronger desire to live longer and remain healthy. Due to our weaknesses, we are often tempted by the infamous ‘junk food’ categories which unfortunately are marketed extremely well and as a result, entice us enough to distract us from what we already know is better for us. This article attempts to give you a fundamental reminder as to what you must do in the greater part of your life to assist in living for as long as you possibly can, while remaining healthy.

Tell me what a healthy diet is!

Once you have discovered the foods that have all the nutrients to keep you well and healthy without over indulging, you will be on the path of establishing a healthy diet. Most often, it will include an average daily consumption of around 800 calories – anything less is questionable. You may already be aware that there are many diets in the market place that encourage you to dismiss many of the nutrient rich sectors of a normal diet. Many professionals now believe this to be misleading and will, in the long term be injurious to your health if carried out for any lengthy period of time. Rapid weight loss can be harmfull in most cases and you should steer clear of this practise even if you’re a model and size is everything to you. If you need to lose a lot of weight don’t be frightened to approach you doctor, in fact I recommend this if you have any respect for your body and future. A small price given the value of the asset, right?

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits should be the major chunk of the food you eat in a day. They are very rich in nutrients. They would give your body the much needed minerals and vitamins it requires. It doesn’t really matter if they are fresh or frozen. The fact that they are eaten is enough. Eating lots of salads is one of the best ways to consume them. They would taste better that way with say an olive oil dressing mixed with lemon and some pepper.

Here’s an indicative list of what should be eaten:

– Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower.

– Coloured vegetables like tomato, carrots, beetroot, raddish.

– Fruits like bananas, berries, mango, apple, grapes, oranges etc.


Doctors say cereals should form at up to one third of your daily food intake. People have lots of misconceptions about this group. They deliberately avoid eating rice or starchy foods thinking that they increase their waist line. This is poor information that is prevalent and needs to be corrected. Cereals like rice or potato contain essential carbohydrates that work wonders for the body. It is the quantity that needs controlling. The bread that you think increases your weight actually gives you wholesome nutrients that your body requires. What is injurious instead is the extra spoon of jam or layer of butter you use while eating in preparation. No one needs to eat three or more sandwiches for lunch. One is adequate. Control those amounts and you take another step towards a healthy diet.

– Rice, breakfast cereals, etc

– Wholemeal multigrain fresh bread, noodles, yam, etc.

– Potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, etc.

Milk and dairy products

Milk and other diary products are very important in the daily diet. However, they contain lots of fats. It would be beneficial if you can get the low fat versions of these foods like skimmed milk.

– Skimmed milk

– Low fat yoghurt

– Reduced fat cheese, etc.

Fats and sweets

You would do well if you consumed these items in moderation. Though these foods are almost everyone’s favourite, we need to avoid them to ensure healthy living. This doesn’t mean you give up eating your favourite pastry forever. It only means decreasing its frequency from everyday to once in every fifteen days! I don’t need to tell you what these foods are but for the record, they are mentioned below.

– Fried foods

– Sweets, chocolates

– Pastries, cookies

– Creams, soft drinks, soda pop, etc.

Meat and other such stuff

Meat is very rich in proteins and they are vital for your body. They should be eaten but in moderation. You can always remove the fat in the meat. Take fish at least two times a week and make sure you eat different kinds every time. Some of the examples of healthy meat would be.

– Lean meat

– Fish

– Chicken, (not skin) etc.

After such an exhaustive report on what should comprise your daily food intake for a healthy living, you are no doubt wiser now about the steps to take from here. Accompany this diet with good exercise and regularly to give your health a fine polish. Then you will beam

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