What is Physical Exercise


Do you know you can lose two years of your life with your waistline exceeding your chest size every inch? If you are aware of it, then you must also agree that performing physical exercise on regular basis can give you a solid solution to this silent-killing phenomenon. To remain physically fit means to help your body maintain, repair, and improve itself to an amazing extent. Let’s dig into other benefits of performing regular physical exercise.

What does physical fitness mean?

Physical fitness is basically the ability to perform daily tasks efficiently and alertly, with energy left over to enjoy free-time activities and to meet emergency demands. It is closely linked to the performance of lungs, heart, and muscles. Mental alertness and emotional stability are also achievable properties by doing physical exercise daily since what human beings do with their bodies also affects what they can do with their minds.

Necessity of stronger abdominal muscles:

Proper functioning of digestive system is very necessary for a good health. If it is weak, it can eat away a human body gradually. Its impact is so enormous that movements of trunk and legs, as well as regular working of kidneys, stomach and pancreas can also get affected. Ailing abdominal muscles tend to lose their strength to serve as a kind of natural girdle for these body organs. It may distress lower spine or the back-body structure as a whole. Remember that gaining weight does not necessarily always lead one suffer from abdominal ailments, although it can increase the chances. So, whoever ignores the necessity of maintaining sufficient abdominal strength and proper posture must tend to acquire a pot belly.

Perform it daily:

To maintain a fit body, internally and externally, you must need to do exercise daily. It will help you remain fit and sound. People should grow a habit of doing exercise daily. In these days when bad impacts of pollution, food adulteration and many such things are threatening the life, you must need to find out the ways to check them from affecting adversely. Doing exercise regularly can surely help you in this regard, although habit of taking quality food must need to be accompanied with it. Elderly people as well as ailing ones can also take part in moderate exercise programs under expert guidance only.

Benefits of doing physical exercise daily abound in. If you exercise daily, you can be less prone to suffer fractures. So, ensure that you practice it regularly like brushing your teeth. And, you will grow deep interest in it when you come to know of the benefits of exercise and the risks of being unfit.

Here is the list of benefits of doing exercise:

i) Strengthens mind and body equally

ii) Reduces intensity of blood pressure

iii) Gives protection against diabetes

iv) Makes bones stronger and protects against Osteoporosis

v) Helpskeep ligaments, tendons, and joints flexible

vi) Prevents from gaining weight and helps lose weight, when it works together with good eating habits

vii) Enhances self-confidence and looks

viii) Helps remain active

ix) Promotes a sense of well-being

x) Ensures sound sleep

If you want to start performing physical exercise now, make sure that you are not trying too much soon and also not quitting before you get a chance to experience the rewards of improved fitness. It will be unwise to expect that you could lose the weight overnight or in a few days or weeks you have gained in years of sedentary living. Keep on doing it regularly and give time to it to recover your physical fitness.

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