What is a good strength training workout for a beginner


I am going to show you some strength training workouts for women to get toned. I want you to understand from the start that these workouts will get you lean and sexy. Do not think that because you are going to be lifting weights, you will turn into a muscular freak? This will not happen!

Women do not have enough testosterone in their body’s to put on much muscle mass. Even if you could put on decent muscle, you will not go to bed one night looking like you normally do. Then wake up the next morning looking like superman. (Unless you went to a fancy dress party).

Advantages Of Strength Training Workouts For Women

So, now that you know, you will not turn into a gigantic beast, I would like you to know some benefits. You will find it easier to keep working out, if you know why you are doing it.

The benefits of strength training workouts for women are:

Denser and firmer muscles

Makes it easier to lose fat and maintain fat levels

Get stronger (duh)

Get faster

If you are training to look good and feel better about yourself, the top two benefits probably stick out for you. Yes, strength training will give you denser and firmer muscles. It is not doing high reps with water bottles that tone a muscle, despite what you might hear. This is a huge myth for training; higher reps are for endurance.

A pleasant surprise about strength training workouts for women is that they can help you lose weight. This is basically because muscle is a massive fat burner, because it takes a lot of energy to maintain them. Therefore, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn while resting.

Finally, strength training will get you stronger (what a surprise). It will also get you faster with the correct training, should you wish it. If you look at male 100 meter sprinters you will see that they are very muscular and fast. If you work on strength and power like they do, you will get a lot faster (without the massive muscle mass).

Strength Training Workouts For Women To Get Toned

Okay, you have seen the benefits and a quick introduction to strength training workouts for women. Now lets get into the real meat here and see the workouts.

I will give you two options here, the first one, is a strength training workout for women to get toned. This workout is more for body shaping and strength.

The second workout type is more for actual raw strength, although you can lose weight and tone up. With this workout if you wish, with a few modifications.

Anyway, the first workout to get strong and toned uses circuit style training. You can see it below, with an explanation after:

Circuit 1:

Bench press (dumbbell or barbel)

Bent-over row (dumbbell or barbel)

Squat (favourite variation)

Dumbbell swing

Active Rest:

2-5 minutes light aerobic activity (slog jog / walk / skipping rope / cycle)

Circuit 2:


Military / shoulder press (dumbbell or barbell)

Chin up

Step ups (or lunges)

If you do not know what circuit training is; you basically do one exercise then move onto the next as quickly as possible. Then go through all the rest of the exercises, in the circuit until completed.

For example: on circuit 1, you would do a set of bench presses, followed by the bent-over row, then onto a squat and finish with dumbbell swings. That’s one circuit completed!

You would then take a break for 1 minute and do another circuit, until you have completed 3 total circuits.

You should aim for 5-8 reps for each exercise. The first set should be around 7-8 reps, but will get lower in the next set, as you get more fatigued.

(Don’t worry if any of this sounds confusing, it is a breeze after you do it once)

Once you have completed 3 circuits of circuit 1, you do some light aerobic activity of your choosing. Be it, slow jogging, walking or whatever you prefer. The idea is to keep the heart rate up, but recover from the lifting.

After the active recovery period, you do circuit 2 in the same way as the first.

So to clarify: do 3 rounds of circuit 1 for 5-8 reps for each exercises; then do 2-5 minutes of light aerobic activity; before moving onto circuit 2 and do 3 rounds on it to finish.

You can then go check yourself out in the mirror with some posing (but that is optional).

I understand if you are concerned, that this workout may not look like the usual workouts you see thrown about in magazines and the like. But they are usually written purely to sell magazines and are purposely made to be easy.

If you want to see good results you have to work for it, so test yourself and you will be surprised with how much you can achieve.

Strength Training Workouts For Women

You may remember that I said I would provide you with some proper workouts for strength. As in workouts that will work on raw strength and power. I will show you these workouts now.

But before I do, I want you understand that women should actually train the same way that men do. Girls always ask about workouts for them. In reality, they should be doing the same style of training as men use for strength.

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