Is running the best exercise for losing weight


Considered as one of the most dynamic exercises, running can effectively help burn calories and reduce weight, and most people are doing it these days. Running allows you to burn more calories which in turn lead to weight loss. Combining it with a healthy diet that includes low fat and less calories will give you better weight loss results.

Running to lose weight is easy and requires no special gadgets, equipments, or training, and a person can do it anytime and just about anywhere. However, weight loss running plans should start slowly and increasing in intensity and duration over time. Starting gradually helps the body adjust to the new practice and prevents you from quickly feeling tired. If you are one of the individuals who is just starting to run to lose weight, you can begin by running 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes, then slowly adding more minutes each week.

Another way to make your body adjust to the new routine is through alternating periods of light activity with intense activity. You can do this by alternating walking with jogging and as your endurance gets better, you can alternate jogging with running. This kind of interval training speeds up the burning of calories even for short periods of time. It also improves your stamina and motivates you to achieve your weight loss goal. Or you can also try changing the routine by running on an incline surface like a hill. This makes you work harder and the harder you do it, the more calories burned.

Keep in mind too that you should change your eating habits alongside your running plan. You need to fuel your body with the right foods for running. You can find diets and meal plans for runners as well as nutrition and hydration tips to help you effectively run to lose weight.

Here are several reasons why running is considered one of the best ways to lose weight:

  • Running is so easy and convenient and requires no equipments other than a pair of running shoes and a person can do it alone almost anywhere. Therefore it is inexpensive, convenient, there are no new skills to learn, and you can do it even while you’re travelling.
  • Running, compared to walking, is significantly a much quicker way to burn calories and lose weight. People can run 3 times faster than of they walk in a given period of time.
  • Running stimulates “after burn” even while you are resting, leading to greater weight loss.
  • Running makes your heart gets stronger, increases oxygen flow, flush out toxins, and improves your bones thus helping to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Running reduces stress, depression, and several psychological issues such as alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Running can help improve the immune system and aid in preventing cancer diseases like colon, breast, lung, and endometrial, and as well as other diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and poor vision.
  • Running helps you live longer.
  • Running can be an enjoyable way for a person to lose weight.

Below are some tips on how running for weight loss can be successful:

  • Keep a food journal to record your food intake and determine which one needs to be changed or improved. It also helps prevent binge eating and keeps a track on the kind of foods you should avoid.
  • Combine it with a healthy diet to supply the nutrition needs of runners. You can only reduce weight if you burn more calories than you eat so include more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in the diet.
  • Proper nutrition is essential and skipping meals will not give you enough fuel for your running performance. Intake of calories before and after running is important for your running routine and recovery.
  • Stick to a running schedule to stay motivated and to avoid skipping or postponing your exercise.
  • Be consistent with your running even for about 3 or 4 times a week to lose weight effectively.
  • Including interval training to your running schedule can greatly aid you in your desire to lose weight. It will also boost your resting metabolism and increase muscle mass to burn more calories.
  • Make sure you are hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water but spreading it gradually throughout the day.
  • Don’t push your running too hard and stress your body out especially if you are new to running. A 20-minute running 3 times a week is a good start.

Running is a popular alternative to losing weight because it is easy to do, convenient, and does not cost much. However, like most exercises out there, there are optional gears available to make running more enjoyable and easier in keeping track of your development.

The following are the gears needed for running to lose weight:

  • A good pair of quality running shoes to keep your feet comfortable and protected.
  • Running can cause the heart to beat faster and work harder and it is wise to invest on a heart-rate monitor to determine if you are overdoing it or to make sure that your heart is within the safe range known as the target heart rate.
  • A watch to keep track of the time spent running.
  • A treadmill. This equipment is great for those people who live in very cold climates or for those who find it more convenient to do their running exercise in their homes or at the gym. Several treadmills can monitor the heart rate and can be adjusted when it comes to speed and incline.


Running is one of the best exercises to help you lose weight, although you should keep in mind that losing weight takes time and won’t happen overnight. A healthy diet combined with running will give you effective results faster. This is because muscles are developed and strengthen through this exercise which in turn helps the body burn more calories – even when you are resting – thus helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

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