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As for me, IndusViva is the best Network Marketing Company in India. There are more than 350000 persons working as Distributors for this company in India and earning their living successfully. Amazingly, there are only 4 products (Health Supplements) to be sold by their distributors of IndusViva as follows:

  1. i-Pulse – It controls not less than 26 diseases
  2. i-Coffee – It is the unique product for diabetic patients
  3. i-Charge – This product keeps a person very active for about 8 hours continuously.
  4. i-Slim – U.S. Patented i-Slim bar is in chocolate form. It dramatically reduces 3 kg to 5 kg extra weight of a obese person per month.

Another 5 products are in the pipeline as follows:

  1. i-Care – for Therapeutic Skin Care
  2. i-Fresh – French Perfumes
  3. i-Kids – For the health and memory of your kids
  4. i-Tea – This is especially for the relief from Arthritis and related issues
  5. i-Glow – Premium Cosmetics

So far, I have come across more than 13 network marketing programs in India since 2004. I was working for a particular MLM just for few months in 2004. I am forced to give up my efforts inasmuch as the price of the products is beyond the reach of the people of our area.

As a matter of fact, I am very much impressed with all the four products of IndusViva. All these products are equally priced at Rs.3000 + Rs.100 towards handling charges. IndusViva has come into existence from January 2014. As such, it has entered into the 6th year from January 2019.

Amazingly, all these products are being sold for Rs.3000 + 100 = Rs.3100/- from the beginning. Noticeably, the price of their products haven’t been hiked at all for 5 years. Even after the implementation of GST by our Government of India, their products are being sold for the same price of Rs.3000 + Rs.100 = Rs.3100/- until today.

Honestly speaking, I’ve joined IndusViva just 3 months back. 2 weeks back, I have reached the level of STAR250 successfully with the wholehearted support and cooperation of my TEAM Leaders. So, I want to be with IndusViva for lifetime, God willing. I am also willing to tell you this fact that I am working as a distributor only for this IndusViva and not for any other Network Marketing companies.

Yes, I am not interested to work for any other MLM / Network Marketing companies other than IndusViva forever. Surprisingly, the earning limit of a Distributor is Rs.2,50,000/- per week. Accordingly, a successful distributor can keep earning Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees One Million) per month as long as he or she sticks with IndusViva.

In these 3 months, I’ve earned only Rs.4000/- which fact I don’t want to hide from you. I can foresee the vast scope available with IndusViva to keep earning without any sort of retirement for lifetime. There are lot more information about IndusViva to be conveyed to you for which I am seeking your further approval.

Certainly, every distributor has to be patiently initiating sincere efforts at least for one year in order for him or her to see the success. Please be assured that undoubtedly your perseverance will be brought fruition within a year if you join IndusViva with us in our TEAM. I wish your endeavor every success.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me again and again. I will be very happy to have you with us as one of our successful TEAM member soon. Please join with us and make a fortune within a couple of years. IndusViva is not a Quick Money Program.

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