How to Start Gym for the First Time


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We have all been there at one point in our fitness lives, that first step into the gym not really knowing what to do. However, from my experience as a leading fitness professional there are five basic mistakes that the male gym newbie makes. Again we have all probably been there and done these ourselves.

1. Trying to run before they can walk.

Most guys out there just want o go and grab the heaviest weight that they can lift and show how strong they are. This is particularly bad as lifting to heavy too early can lead to injury down the line. Just like when we build a house it is important to law down the foundations and ensure that what we build on is strong enough. In this case it means we should be lifting lighter weights which help to strengthen the connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons.

2. Only doing Mirror Muscles (Chest and Biceps)

This is a one way ticket to bad posture and lower back pain. You have to train all the body parts equally to ensure that the body stays balanced and aligned. Next time you are in your local gym check out all the guys with rounded shoulders. If you do have rounded shoulders yourself you can correct them by doing more back work especially rowing type exercises.

3. Neglecting to do Legs.

Again most guys don’t do legs as they think they only want to grow their upper bodies. This may be true but what they don’t realise is that the testosterone produced when training legs is going to massively influence their upper body growth. By not training their legs or assuming that just running is sufficient they are missing out on a lot of upper body growth as well.

4. Spending too muscle time resting or chatting with their mates.

The gym is for training. Come in train hard and go home. If you want to chat to your mates go and do it in a coffee shop or the pub. It amazes me how many people come in and only do half hearted workouts because they are distracted by other people or looking at girls.

5. Wearing weight lifting belts.

If you are going to wear a weight belt then the chances are that it going to stop your core muscles from working properly. Unless you are an Olympic weightlifter you don’t need a weight belt. You will end up doing yourself more damage in the long run and will save yourself a lot of lower back pain later in life of you just leave the belt at home.

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