How to Exercise

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How to exercise in such a way that you’re in it for a long, long time, even for a life time?

Here are 6 ways you can subscribe to, to exercise like that. Use them to guide you achieve a long, healthy life, to savor the good feelings after, to better fight and fend off sicknesses and diseases, to reduce stress and tension, to lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and certain cancers.

1. Cultivate A Time Habit

The hardest thing for people to exercise is to find TIME to do it. And time scheduling at that. This is because exercise isn’t a one-off thing; it’s one that you need to do regularly for say, minimum 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes per session.

I know you’ve many other things ranked more important than exercise. Exercise? To you, it’s only an activity you do when you’re free. That’s where your problem starts.

Hey! You got to change your view about exercise – you should treat it as your top priority activity by consistently putting aside at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week to do it.

Practice setting aside this kind of time schedule. And don’t use this scheduled time for anything else.

2. Pick And Choose One Exercise You Like To Do

Like running?

Fancy walking?

Hot on swimming?

Favor biking?

Love dancing?

Interested in jogging?

Have a “crush” on step aerobics?

Enjoy Pilates? Yoga?

Feel good about going to gym to exercise?

Feel excited attending classes?

Happy to exercise at home?

The point is, there are so many exercises out there and many ways of doing them. Cherry-pick one or two that you love and feel right and get going.

3. Commit To The Minimum

You’ve sorted out your time schedule and the exercise and way of doing it.

Now set a minimum number of times per week you’ll exercise. Commit to yourself that you will never drop below this set minimum.

If you’re very busy or traveling, you still can fulfil your set minimum, either by brief walks or light stretching punctuated throughout the week.

Sticking to your minimum should be the most important thing for you. Sometimes you may exceed the minimum, sometimes you may have bad days and manage only light exercise. It’s OK. Just don’t drop below the minimum.

If you do this every week for the rest of your life, you will have more health and energy.

4. Change Your Goal

If you have been pinning for “perfect” bodies flashed in the magazines and on TVs, brace the fact that they’re hard (sometimes unrealistic) to achieve and even harder to maintain. They could take years to develop and may not depict the healthy weight you should achieve.

Change your goal – exercise for health, vitality and energy. You get these benefits immediately.

Make feeling good your goal, not weight loss, not gaining muscle tone. These benefits will come but treat them as bonuses to the increased health, energy and vitality you get.

Each time you exercise, remind yourself that you’re targeting for health, energy and vitality. You’ll achieve this goal, even doing light exercises. Because the nature of exercise is as such that you benefit from these 3 things.

Take note of these immediate mental benefits too:

  • Increased creativity
  • Decreased stress and tension
  • Increased problem-solving skills
  • Increased brain alertness

The more you experience the immediate benefits, the more you’ll want to exercise.

5. Enjoy Changes In Your Body

When you regularly exercise, you’ll enjoy changes in your body such as weight loss, muscle gain, increased flexibility and improved endurance.

Enjoy these positive changes as they come along.

6. Enjoy Exercise

Enjoy how your body feels and appreciate what happens to your body during exercise.

  • Feel the way your muscles and limbs move and respond to exercise
  • Feel the way your pulse increases and your blood flow quickens
  • Feel how your skin glows and tightens
  • Feel how your body sweats to get rid of waste and toxins

How to exercise consistently, even for a life time, isn’t hard. Just maintain your minimum schedule. The rest like how fast or how much you exercise doesn’t amount to much if you don’t exercise the minimum number of times per week.

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