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Arm exercises for men are some of the most important exercises that we do. While lots of people try to sell you the latest powders or shakes to add protein, they ignore the fact that good, quality exercise makes the difference between being ripped and not being ripped. Workouts for your arms are probably more important than other exercises because women say they instantly notice your arms when they see a man. If you have big arms then you are immediately deemed more powerful, attractive and you’ll feel a lot better about your physique. I want to share with you the best biceps, triceps and forearm super-set arm exercises for men so that you can get bigger arm muscles as fast as possible…

First I’m going to explain some exercise theory that I learned when I was starting out. This stuff has helped me go from super-weedy to super-ripped. I mentioned super-sets. They are sets where you work all the muscles in a muscle group after each other. This actually helps you to gain 30% more muscle than if you didn’t do them. 30% is a lot in the long term. After a month or two you begin to see how beneficial super-sets can be. Arm exercises for men are very important here because we want bigger arms. Women, on the other hand, should probably stay away from super-sets!

Arm Exercises For Men – The Muscles We Target

There are three main arm muscles that we’re targeting when we do arm workouts. These are forearms, triceps and biceps. The best way to see any real gains is to do a super-set on each of these arm muscles. Therefore, our arm workout needs to be focused on the best super-set routines.

Arm Exercises For Men – Forearm Super-Set

The forearm is often ignored by guys who want to get bigger arms. But when you have big forearms you don’t get the case of having big upper arms and weedy lower arms. These forearm super-sets shouldn’t be ignored.

Forearm Workout Exercise 1: Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curl

For this exercise, sit on a workout bench and lean forward and put your arm flat on the bench between your legs. Your wrist and hand should be hanging over the side of the bench. Now you should take a dumbbell and curl your wrist. So you go all the way back back and all the way towards you (with your palm facing up). Aim to do 15-20 reps at high weight. Remember to use your weaker hand first, then match the reps and weight with your stronger hand. Move immediately onto this:

Forearm Workout Exercise 2: Seated Barbell Reverse Curl

This time kneel on the floor and put your forearms on the bench. Your palms face down and your wrists and hands are over the edge of the bench. Grip the barbell and allow your hands to drop, then raise them as far back as you can. That’s one rep. Again do 15-20 at heavy weight.

You should do two sets of this forearm workout. (Remember: The arm exercises for men that I’m revealing cause muscle growth. If you’re female then use light weights!)

Arm Exercises For Men – Triceps Super-Set

Lots of guys believe that biceps are what make your arms look big. In fact, 66% of what makes your arms look muscular is triceps. Here’s the best triceps super-set that you can do for fast, explosive muscle growth…

Triceps Workout Exercise 1: Close Grip Bench Press:

First, lie on your back with your head underneath bar, eyes aligned with bar and feet flat on the floor. Then position hands on bar together in the centre of the bar so that hands are touching (this is different from a normal bench press if that’s what you’re thinking – we’re targeting the triceps muscles!) To start, lift the bar off the rack with the bar directly over head. Lower the bar to your mid chest area. Press the bar up to start position. Remember: Don’t do this exercise using your normal bench-press weight. This is a triceps exercise and the weight you use should be significantly lower. However, it should still be hard to do 2 sets of 15 reps! If you can, use a spotter!

This is one of the best arm exercises for men in my opinion. It’s my favorite triceps exercise ever because it works very well!

Triceps Workout Exercise 2: Reverse Grip Press down:

First, secure a door strap overhead at top of door. (This is on the exercise machines where you can adjust the height – you want this at the very top.) Now, stand approximately 2-3 feet away from the attachment point with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.

To start the exercise, grasp the handles with your palms facing down. Lower the handles to chest level so that elbows are bent at 90°. Then, keeping your shoulders stabilized and elbows close to sides, extend your arm and lower bar to hip level. Repeat! This is two sets of 15 reps.

Arm Exercises For Men – Biceps Super-Set

Whenever you think about arm exercises for men you think of the classic biceps curl… That is included in this super-set. Here it is in full:

Biceps Workout Exercise 1: Supinated Incline Bicep Curls

Start by lying on an incline bench with your arms at your side holding dumbbells with palms facing downwards (you have to bend your wrist to achieve this). Then slowly curl the dumbbells up rotating your palms so that your palms are facing up at the top of the movement and your elbows at your side. Then return to the starting position and repeat for 15 repetitions.

Biceps Workout Exercise 2: Reverse Barbell Curl

Hold a barbell with an overhand grip and your palms facing your body. Then, keeping your elbows at your side curl the barbell up to chest level. Return to the starting position and repeat 15 times.

Arm Exercises For Men – Hints & Tips

When you do this routine, start with the forearms. Go from forearm workout exercise 1 to 2, then back to 1 and then 2. Then move on to the Triceps circuit, and follow the same format.

Remember that you should struggle to complete two sets of 15 reps. If you’re not struggling speed up how long it takes and raise the weights. (Be very careful on the close grip bench press! Use a lesser weight so you don’t hurt yourself unless you have a spotter.)

To get an incredible physique you need to work on every aspect of your body. I’m Michael Ed Clarke and I’ve become an expert at muscle building…   Article Source: 

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