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Real steps for real people. How do you stay fit when you cannot find the time to head to the gym, or that aerobics class, or go for that long overdue healthy walk? Here are simple steps that you can practice daily to exercise your mind, body and soul. Practice these steps and see the new, happier, more confident you emerge.

1. Drink good quality water. Every physician, nutritionist, dietitian will tell you that you should drink more water. What is not emphasized is the quality of water. That is why most people give up drinking a lot of water because they experience symptoms of bloated-ness or nausea as a consequence of impurities in the water. We all know that 78-80% of our body is made of water. So why not invest in good quality water?

2. Visualization. It is scientifically proven that the language of the mind is images. Even athletes know that the one degree difference is in mental training. See yourself fit and healthy! Once your mind gets the message, it will activate all the information nodes already existing in your mind that will subconsciously lead you to do healthy things ie. “You will feel better after a brisk walk”. You can also use visualization to increase your basal metabolic rate.

3. Eat. This is the most basic need of our body. By this I mean eat when you feel hungry and eat the food that you enjoy. The moment you starve yourself, your metabolic rate drops and your body goes into starvation mode which basically means it will store even more fat from the food you consume because it is self preserving and does not know when you will decide to eat again. Eat the food you enjoy because if you’re not enjoying the food, high chances are you won’t feel satisfied and will look for more food to compensate or snack in between. The key behavior here is consistency and moderation.

4. Create an association in your mind. Listen to music for example. Pick one of your favorite songs with an upbeat tune. Listen to it every time you are in a state of “high level activity” such as walking, running, dancing or any activity that you do enjoy. Do this at least 7 times consecutively and you will have created in your mind an association between high level activity and the selected song. The next time you don’t have time to exercise or feel plain lazy? Just play the song and feel your metabolic rate increase!

5. Have a good night’s sleep. This is very important and under rated by most individuals. During sleep, your body regulates itself, rejuvenates the cells, accelerates the process of healing, energizes itself and prepares you for the next day.

6. Stay away from the television as much as possible. Research has shown that metabolic rate drops when you’re in front of the television even if you’re not eating! Do not sleep in front of the television because your mind will still be processing the information from the television. Furthermore, being near a television increases toxic chemicals in your body which will naturally be accumulated in your body and affect the functioning performance of your organs.

7. Keep a pet. Better yet if your pet needs to be walked. Walking is the best and healthiest way to stay fit. It is an activity that stimulates the whole body and burn abdominal fat, which have been link to heart related diseases. Live in an apartment? Take the stairs or start visualizing your walks.

8. Enhance your knowledge. The more you know about your body type, your family’s health history, and relevant information, the more you will consciously seek to eat the types of food that is right for your body. Never go on any restricted diet or you will cause disturbance to your basal metabolic rate which will result in weight gain.

9. Increase your self-awareness through meditation or yoga. Listen to what your body is telling you. For example, if you are craving for orange juice frequently, high chances are your body lacks Vitamin C. As you become more self aware, you will intuitively know what food makes you feel sluggish and what food lifts your mood. You will also be aware when you’re over eating. As you continue your journey of wellness for mind, body and soul, you will also find yourself having to eat less because food indulgence is no longer a form of pleasure or coping.

10. Have an open heart and an open mind. Try different hobbies and fun activities. Explore what makes you happy and set aside time to do these activities. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

Note down the aforementioned 10 points in your diary and follow these steps sincerely from now on in order for you to keep yourself fit forever. Good Luck.

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