Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat


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Lot of over weight individuals go to Gym and get into exercise mode randomly with out any proper plan & think of burning their stubborn belly fat. But the harsh reality is that you will never be able to achieve your primary objective by exercises, if you try to concentrate on only one area & will surely fail miserably in your desperate efforts to trim your belly fat. Some of the best exercises to trim your belly fat are given below.

Cardio workouts:

Let us clear some of the misconceptions that most of the over weight individuals have regarding perfect belly fat exercises in getting rid of their belly fat. The real truth is that there is no single exercise work out to burn your belly fat. Most of us think that by just doing the cardio work outs, we will be able to lose their belly fat. But in reality, if you try to do too much cardio work outs, your body will start to get used to it and you will not able to burn your belly fat at a consistent rate. First take small steps & increase them gradually over the time to achieve our final objective.

Strength training:

The misconception that most of us have towards strength training exercises is that the longer we do strength training, we can get rid of our ugly belly fat but in reality that is totally the opposite. This is because your body needs to be challenged if we need to burn our belly fat effectively & added to that, it is not advisable to do the same old number of reps again and again. Similar to your cardio workouts, you needed to start with a few reps and increase it step by step to get positive results.


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Doing only crunches will not helpful in our desperate attempts to burn our belly fat. It is not advisable to target one particular area in our body. The obvious reason is that our body does not store fat in particular area but is distributed through out. Therefore it is impossible to get highly desirable results unless full-body work out is incorporated that combines cardio and strength training along with crunches. This will also help us in improving our body’s metabolism as well.

Regular exercises:

The best possible solution to burn our belly fat effectively is to jump to exercise regimen by just warming up. Start with a stretching exercise for around 10 minutes for a good & intense work out. The exercise of stretching before hand will help improve flexibility & also become more productive in doing exercises on a daily basis. Then opt for cycling exercise for about 30 minutes. You can also go for some cardio training by walking on the treadmill. Apart from these, it is advisable to go for some interval training. These regular exercises are bound to increase the metabolism in our body.

After completing cardio training, it is advisable to go for some strength training. We needed to stress that targeting only the stomach or abdominal region would not yield fruitful results. It is better to include your arms, chest, legs & buttocks by doing some push-ups, leg-raises, lunges and weights. Even 30 minutes of regular exercises per day will give good results in burning your belly fat in the long run. Along as you stick to proper diet plan & exercise regimen, it is quite possible to get rid of your stubborn belly fat.  Article Source:

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