Benefits of Power Yoga Exercises


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With more yoga centers cropping up in different parts of the country, power yoga is increasingly becoming a budget-friendly and viable option for many fitness enthusiasts. The following are some of the many reasons why more and more people are considering joining power yoga classes:

1. Body Detoxification

Power yoga plays a major role in helping the body rid itself of dangerous toxins. It increases internal body heat, killing harmful elements and heightening a state of awareness of the workings of the kidneys, lungs and the liver. Detoxification also increases energy levels, clears up the skin, makes the hair look shinier and balances body hormones.

2. Boosting Blood Circulation

The bloodstream continuously transports oxygen and nutrients to the skin, brain and other vital body organs. When there is poor circulation of blood, various health problems such as heart attacks, insomnia, swelling in the lower extremities, stroke and fluid retention may occur. Many poses keep the heart pumping at a higher rate, which in turn improves the circulation of blood to various parts of the body.

3. Boosting Concentration

Going for classes at least 30 minutes every day improves a person’s mental ability in terms of memory and mental concentration. Additionally, it is more effective in boosting brain power than doing conventional aerobic exercises. This not only brings out self-control but also helps a person carry out his day-to-day activities more successfully.

4. Improvement of Posture and Reduction of Back Pain

Various poses and workouts improve body posture and relieve back pain by aligning the spine and the muscles around it. They also strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve the overall body strength, flexibility, stamina and balance, which make a person look taller and more graceful.

5. Boosting of the Immune System

Power yoga is active in stimulating the four main physiological systems that are linked to the body’s immune system: the digestive, circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems. Any pose that affects at least one of these four systems positively helps strengthen the immune system.

6. Enhancement of Athletic Performance

It improves the performance of all types of athletes, ranging from footballers to basketball players and from golfers to rugby players. This is because it helps one achieve greater mental focus, core strength and stamina.

7. Weight Loss

Apart from burning extra calories in the body, power yoga also helps build lean muscle mass. In the process, it eliminates excess body weight and helps prevent obesity and other types of weight-related problems.

8. Stress Reduction

Everyone gets anxious or nervous from time to time, which drains energy resources and puts the body in a state of constant stress. The effects of anxiety or nervousness are magnified when the body does not get enough exercise because tension builds in the muscles, breathing remains constricted and the mind gets exhausted from the whirling thoughts and feelings that feed the anxiety.

Power yoga classes help an individual access an inner strength that enables him/her to face all sorts of overwhelming fears, challenges and frustrations of everyday life. A few power yoga poses, especially if practiced daily, help regulate breathing and relax the body by gently reducing tension from large muscle groups and increasing the feelings of well-being.

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